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Is Skoutfriends legit: The warning signs

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Is Skoutfriends legit: The warning signs

While Skoutfriends may seem like a legitimate platform at first, its age, referral bonuses and lack of transparency are cause for some concern.

Skoutfriends is a platform that promises large returns, in exchange for completing simple tasks. But this platform may be too good to be true.

Is Skoutfriends legit: The warning signs

Distinguishing between legitimate online money-making opportunities and scams is not exactly a science. But there are some tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for which just might keep you out of trouble.

Skoutfriends is promoted as a modern money-making opportunity through which users get paid for completing simple tasks ranging from playing mobile games to enticing other friends to sign up through their referral links.

However, while the promise of earning your share of the “$9764893 paid” to Skoutfriends users across the globe – certainly seems enticing, there are a few things about this platform that stand out as red flags.

The Skoutfriends platform is still very new

Newer domains typically stand out as red flags in the online world, as these companies usually have not built up a trustworthy reputation yet.

Skoutfriends ( is a very new domain name, which was only registered a few months ago on 21 December 2023.

The domain is set to expire in a year’s time, on 21 December 2024. It is also worth mentioning that this website is a near carbon copy of another site called Yubofriends (, which also does not have the best reputation.

The Skoutfriends referral bonus

As a rule of thumb, cyber security experts generally suggest that when the promises made on online platforms seem too good to be true, they usually are.

If you think about it, a platform like Skoutfriends – which is essentially handing out free money just for referrals to third-party websites – should not really have any trouble convincing more users to sign up.

Yet the platform offers large referral bonuses (and even goes as far as requiring that you find three other users to sign up via your referral link before you can cash out) in order to entice more users to join the platform.

Typically, this type of referral system should set off alarm bells that there may be more going on with Skoutfriends than the company is letting on.

The lack of transparency on the Skoutfriends platform

Another red flag that you may notice when you start digging deeper on the Skoutfriends platform is that there is a notable lack of transparency and detail on the website.

Basic information like the physical address, contact numbers and information about the team behind the platform is nowhere to be found.

And this lack of transparency is usually an indication that the website is not designed well or that the company is not being truthful about what its goals and purpose are.