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Why people think Pitsi might be leaving Skeem Saam

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Some people think that Pitsi might be leaving Skeem Saam after the young boy was shot and rushed to the hospital in the show.

The 26 June episode of Skeem Saam proved to be an incredibly shocking and emotional one when Pitsi (Mapitsi’s young son) was left fighting for his life after accidentally being shot while playing.

Why people think Pitsi might be leaving Skeem Saam

Most fans who tune in to watch Skeem Saam weekly already expect a fair amount of drama and surprise twists from the show. But the recent 26 June 2023 episode delivered a shocking moment that few people saw coming.

During this episode, Pitsi and Bushang accidentally stumble across a gun that was hidden in Magongwa’s home, while playing. The two young boys naively treat the weapon like a toy and Pitsi ends up getting shot by accident.

Although Magongwa confirmed that Pitsi still had a pulse moments after hearing the gunshot, Pitsi was rushed to the hospital by paramedics by the end of the episode, and his fate still remains uncertain.

This tragedy will certainly have far-reaching implications for the other Turfloop residents. And even if Pitsi survives this ordeal, the question of how the boys were able to get their hands on this gun so easily is sure to come up again.

This episode hits close to home

Pitsi’s mother, Mapitsi, collapsed as soon as she saw her son being taken away by the paramedics. But the characters on the show were not the only emotional ones.

Skeem Saam fans all around the country have taken to social media to share how saddened they were by this particular story. Some viewers even struggled to finish the episode because the ending was just so emotional and sad.

Will Pitsi survive?

Though many people have speculated that Pitsi may be leaving Skeem Saam after this episode, the teasers for the July 2023 episodes of Skeem Saam suggest that he will survive his injuries.

In fact, rumour has it that “A young boy returns home to an elated family” in the 11 July 2023 episode, which airs in just over a week.

What will happen to Rathabe?

Pitsi’s recovery is not the only plot point which is still up in the air after this incredibly emotional episode of Skeem Saam.

Many fans are holding out hope that this incident will finally reveal that Rathabe is actually the mysterious serial killer who has been causing havoc in the community, when the gun is traced back to her.

Although the teasers suggest that this is exactly what we can look forward to in the next couple of episodes, fans will have to wait and see how the story plays out.