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The Opera Shake and Win in South Africa is legit – for the most part

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The Opera Shake and Win in South Africa is legit – for the most part

Opera’s ‘Shake and Win’ competition is not a scam, but since you have to unlock so many puzzles, it can be a waste of your time.

The Opera ‘Shake and Win’ competition, which promises both major and immediate prizes, is a legitimate competition from a legitimate source. But your chances of winning big are so slim, that you may be wasting your time.

The Opera Shake and Win in South Africa is legit – for the most part

These days it is oh-so easy to fall victim to online scams and swindlers. Fortunately, the re-born Opera ‘Shake and Win’ competition, which launched in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa on 13 June and features over 130,000 prizes, is a legitimate competition run by a legitimate company.

However, before you jump into shaking to win, there are a few things about the format of this competition that you should take into consideration.

Although the Opera ‘Shake and Win’ competition cannot technically be considered a scam (because you will never lose any money by playing), you will still, most likely, need to unlock multiple puzzles before you can win any of the prizes.

And this means that even though the competition is legitimate, your chances of winning are so low that it may be scamming you out of your very valuable time (and your data), instead.

The prizes that are up for grabs

When you enter the Opera ‘Shake and Win’ competition, you will either have the chance to win a puzzle piece or an immediate prize (which often includes things like data bundles and other kinds of vouchers).

Unlocking multiple puzzle pieces leads to more valuable prizes, or as Opera calls them – major prizes. These include things like a new phone or a cash prize that will be the equivalent of up to 200,000 Nigerian Naira.

Why would Opera just give away these prizes?

If you have seen any endorsements for the ‘Shake and Win’ competition recently, you may have already figured out that the best way to unlock more puzzles is to invite other people to enter the competition using your link. This also increases your chances of unlocking one of the major prizes.

It seems like these prices are a small price to pay for Opera, which is getting millions of people to try out its Opera Mini browser, in return.

The competition is not open to iOS users

Unfortunately, the Opera Mini Browser (which promises to save you up to 90% more data in the long-term) is not yet available on iOS via the Apple App Store.

Which means that Apple users are not able to participate, even if they do not mind spending a few extra moments shaking their phone every day.