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The Grimace Shake is not available in South Africa

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The Grimace shake is not available in South Africa

The now viral, purple Grimace Shake is a limited-edition product which is not available in South Africa.

The Grimace Shake may have become an overnight viral hit, but this birthday treat has not crossed international waters, and is currently only available in select stores in the United States.

Unfortunately, South Africans will have to participate in the character’s birthday festivities from afar.

The Grimace Shake is not available in South Africa

Grimace has always been a fan-favourite character in the McDonald’s universe. And now that the character is celebrating its 52nd birthday, the fast-food chain has decided to share in the character’s love for all things milkshake.

If you have been hoping to get your hands on the meme-worthy purple Grimace Shake to make your own viral TikTok here in South Africa, (or you are simply hoping to find out what it even tastes like), you are all out of luck.

It seems as though the Hamburglar has interfered with the international shipments of the Grimace Birthday Meals, as the Grimace Shake is only available in select McDonald’s stores in the United States. Moreover, it will only be available for a limited time.

What does the Grimace Shake taste like?

Although you might not be able to get your hands on a Grimace Shake in South Africa, all reports indicate that it may be the perfect ending to a last meal (so to speak).

According to McDonald’s, this limited-edition shake is berry flavoured, with just a hint of frosting, to make it a real birthday treat.

The Grimace Shake has a really creamy texture, because of the vanilla ice-cream that forms its base, and is served with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top. But, as for what really happens after the first sip – that is still unconfirmed.

You can still participate in some of Grimace’s birthday festivities from South Africa

The Grimace Shake may be out of question, but us South Africans can still participate in some of the fun surrounding Grimace’s birthday festivities.

McDonald’s also launched a retro, early-internet-esque video game as part of Grimace’s birthday celebrations, and the desktop version is still available and completely free to play.

Will McDonald’s pull the Grimace Shake because of the viral videos?

The viral Grimace Shake trends, which have been taking all the corners of the internet by storm since 12 June, have certainly confused and bewildered some of the older folks.

However, McDonald’s does not seem to have any intention of pulling this milkshake from its menu just yet.

In fact, even though McDonald’s acknowledged the trends via Twitter, the brand actually seems to be playing into all the mayhem.