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Why the EarnGlobal rewards may not be as good as they seem

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Why the EarnGlobal rewards may not be as good as they seem

The rewards offered on the EarnGlobal platform are certainly compelling, but there are a number of red flags on the platform that you should also consider.

EarnGlobal promises big rewards for completing simple tasks, but it can be a real struggle to actually withdraw your rewards, when the time comes.

Why the EarnGlobal rewards may not be as good as they seem

If you are strapped for cash, earning a few extra dollars through simple tasks like testing out applications, testing out games, completing surveys or inviting your friends and family to join the platform, can seem very compelling.

But, unfortunately, there are more than a few details about the EarnGlobal platform which are just not quite adding up.

And according to other users who have already tried the platform themselves, completing these tasks may just be a huge waste of your valuable time.

The EarnGlobal platform is still very new

The EarnGlobal website is still quite new. The platform’s old domain ( was only registered on 9 March 2024, and its new domain ( was registered even more recently, on 17 April 2024.

And while there is technically nothing wrong with being the new kid on the block, it may be worthwhile to give it some more time before you test the platform for yourself. The EarnGlobal domains will also expire in 2025.

And while there is also technically nothing wrong with a short-term domain registration, it means that the company could easily disappear from the internet in a year’s time, without much fuss.

What reviewers have to say about the platform

At first glance, EarnGlobal’s reviews are not horrible. The platform has maintained a 4.2 TrustScore on Trustpilot.

However, these reviews start falling apart slightly, upon closer inspection. For a start, many of the positive reviews left on Trustpilot state that they were actually redirected from the platform’s website.

And if you read the negative reviews (on Trustpilot and other platforms like YouTube and Reddit) you will find that most of these reviews complain that EarnGlobal often refuses to pay out “earnings” due to alleged cheating or other issues even when they reach the minimum requirements for withdrawal.

Other red flags

There are also a number of other red flags on the EarnGlobal platform that you should consider before you sign up. Some of these red flags include:

  • The website is frequently offline or otherwise inaccessible
  • The website’s domain name changes frequently
  • The platform promises unrealistic returns and makes unsubstantiated claims like “The #1 Earning Website” or “Award-winning support”
  • The platform offers large referral bonuses
  • There are a several minimum requirements you have to reach before you can cash out
  • The website does not list a physical address or contact details beyond an email address