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Is Dainty Dot Wear legit: Understanding the fine print

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Is Dainty Dot Wear legit: Understanding the fine print

Dainty Dot Wear is a legitimate and registered business, but there are a few details that you should take note of before you start shopping.

Shopping online eliminates many of the unnecessary hassles that come with shopping in-store, including shopping around for the best prices, the right sizes and the perfect styles.

It is also a highly convenient way to avoid large crowds and long queues. However, like everything these days, shopping online also has its fair share of risks.

Is Dainty Dot Wear a legitimate business?

Dainty Dot Wear ( is a new-ish online retailer, which has been making waves in the South African online clothing space recently.

And while you would be right to be sceptical of any online-only business – Dainty Dot Wear does not set off any alarms.

Though, as with all the businesses that you give your hard-earned money to, it is important to take note of Dainty Dot Wear’s fine print and the business’s price-point before you jump into retail therapy.

How to spot an online shopping scam

Shopping online can be a convenient way to purchase clothing, groceries, tech gadgets and more. But if you are not careful, you may end up losing more than you gain.

When you are shopping online, it is good to be on the lookout for online shopping scam red flags. This includes warning signs that the URL is not secure or safe, the business not registered, a lack of transparency, design issues and more.

Fortunately, it seems like Dainty Dot Wear does not have any apparent red flags. A quick glance at all the usual suspect red flags reveals the following:

No. Question Answer
1. Is Dainty Dot Wear a registered company in South Africa? Yes. Dainty Dot Wear is a registered private company operating in South Africa, with the registration number K2017/187172/07.
2. Is the Dainty Dot Wear URL newly registered? No. The domain ( was first registered on 13 July 2020 and it is registered under Dorette’s name.
3. Does the website include contact information and a physical address? Yes. The website lists a contact number and email option. It also lists links to Instagram and Facebook pages for the company.
4. Does the website have any design issues, spelling errors or grammar errors? No. The Dainty Dot Wear website does not feature any obvious design issues, it features high-quality photos of products with full descriptions – and does not have any obvious spelling or grammatical errors to take note of.
5. Is the website safe? The Google Transparency Report (updated May 10, 2024) confirms that there is no dangerous content on

Dainty Dot Wear: The good and the bad

Dainty Dot Wear certainly checks all the boxes when it comes to being a legitimate online retailer. And, as an added bonus, the website sells a variety of tops, dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, swimwear, bottoms and accessories in sizes ranging from small to triple extra-large (S – 3XL). The business also has an easy-to-access WhatsApp number for any queries.

However, there are some other details that you should take note of before you start ordering. While it is easy to believe that you are “buying local” when you are shopping at Dainty Dot Wear – this is not entirely true.

The FAQ section of the Dainty Dot website actually reveals that most of the business’s stock is held in an international warehouse. And as a result, the delivery of your order can take up to 15 working days (or even longer at peak times).

Dainty Dot Wear: A price comparison

Another important factor that you should consider before checking out on Dainty Dot Wear’s website is the price of their items.

The prices of the items on the Dainty Dot Wear website generally range from about R80 to over R1,000. But it seems like there are a few more affordable alternatives to these items on the internet.

For instance, this white blouse from the Dainty Dot Wear website (available for R429.00) is available on sale on Temu for just R217.

This Dainty Dot Wear sweater (R620.00) and this  Shein sweater (R236.00) are also practically the same – and, so are countless other examples on these two websites.

Therefore, quality and shipment aside, it may be worth your time to shop around before you check out.

What the Dainty Dot Wear reviews have to say

The reviews are truly where Dainty Dot Wear shines the brightest. On Facebook, Dainty Dot Wear has maintained a very good 4.7 rating (from 26 reviews). The most recent review warns buyers that the returns-process may not be as smooth as advertised.

But the other reviews for the business have only good things to say about the “excellent service”, “prompt response” and “Very high quality”.