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Is 7 riches online casino in South Africa legit?

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The 7 riches online casino in South Africa seems illegitimate when you consider their negative customer reviews, contact information and other factors on the site.

Online casinos are extremely popular globally and locally because of how much variety they offer gamblers and how easy they are to access.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to discern whether these online casinos, like 7 riches, are legitimate, but looking at customer reviews and other elements can help.

The popularity of online casinos

Gambling has always been a popular pastime for many, but with the development of new technologies, such as smartphones, online payment systems, mobile applications, and more, gambling and casinos have expanded their offerings in the digital world.

Online casinos offer a wide variety of games and are easier to access than casinos based at a physical location. These digital platforms also usually have online-exclusive bonuses and special offers that further entice players to join. These online casinos are quite popular in South Africa and experts claim that the popularity and memberships of these platforms may increase even more in the years to come.

Is 7 riches online casino in South Africa legit?

Unfortunately, with the increasing global and local popularity of these online casinos, there has also been an increase in the number of online scams looking to take players’ money through illegitimate sites.

Some experts even claim that there are probably more illegitimate sites than there are real, legitimate online casino and gambling sites. Though some efforts have been made by regulating bodies when it comes to physical casinos in South Africa, laws and regulations regarding online casinos and physical casinos with mobile applications are still inconsistent and unfavourable.

Online casinos are banned in the country, however, players have gotten around this ban by gambling through online casinos that are based elsewhere in the world and that accept South African payment methods. This means that South Africans using these sites need to be exceedingly careful about not getting scammed, since the law may not come to your rescue if you have lost money in an online casino scam.

The 7 riches online casino clubs, including Zoe, Olga, Odette, Olivia, Dora, Habana, Isidora, Nina, Rosa, and Ariella are likely illegitimate. This is supported by the fact that when you consider the various tips on how to spot online casino scams, the negative customer reviews, and the way that this casino communicates with players, all roads lead to this online casino being illegitimate.

Tips on how to spot illegitimate online casinos

Since you will most likely be entering sensitive information on the site or app, like your credit card and banking details, when you join an online casino, it can be helpful to know which elements to look for on an online casino, such as:

Element Description
Payment methods A legitimate casino should have multiple payment methods and some well-known payment channels like PayPal. Illegitimate sites often only offer a few, obscure payment methods.
Customer reviews A legitimate site should have many positive customer reviews. Illegitimate sites have very few, negative customer reviews on third-party sites.
Certification and licensing agreements A legitimate gambling site should have their certifications and licensing agreements displayed prominently on their website and application.
Independent evaluations for fairness Legitimate sites often display that they have been evaluated for fairness by an independent third-party to increase their credibility.
Contact information Legitimate sites often provide various ways for customers to contact customer support, whereas illegitimate sites have little to no contact information displayed on the website.

Customer reviews for 7 riches online casino

If you take into account these tips for spotting illegitimate online casinos, the customer reviews on third-party sites like Hellopeter are one of the best ways to judge the legitimacy of an online casino like 7 riches.

When it comes to the customer reviews for the 7 riches casino clubs, the main complaint from customers is the fact that they seem to win big when they first start playing, but after a while, winnings dwindle, and players hardly ever make money later as they continue playing. The 7 riches casino is also not listed on any of the “Online casinos in South Africa” sites, such as South African Casinos and Online Gambling.

The way that 7 riches communicates with players

Another reason why the 7 riches online casino seems illegitimate is because they only communicate through WhatsApp and the “Contact Us” form on their website. The fact that there is no customer service chat function can make it difficult when you have a problem with something on the site that you need assistance with.

Their social media channels also have very few comments and their content seems inconsistent with the content on the casino’s actual site, which decreases the credibility of the site even more.


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