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How to choose the best fibre package to suit your needs

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You may consider purchasing a fibre package but, what is the best fibre data package and where can you find the most competitive prices?

The rise of fibre installations in ever increasing. Considering the rate of copper theft in South Africa, this is unsurprising. But how do you choose which fibre package is best suited to your needs?

  • Consider the Megabytes Per Second (Mbps)

The Megabytes per second or Mbps, at its most basic, determines just how fast your fibre connection is going to be. Mbps range from under 10 to up to 100.  The faster your mbps, the more devices you can use simultaneously, while videos stream without buffering and live chats are of better quality.

  • Consider the Gigabytes (GB) Amount

Gigabytes or GB’s refer to the amount of digital information available for your use. As with the mbps, the larger the amount of GB’s you purchase, the more you can do.  A high speed mbps combined with a large data package can provide strikingly fast internet with the ability to use many online features. GB packages tend to range from 20GB pm to uncapped data packages.

Who should you buy your fibre package from?

  • Cell C: Cell C offers C-Fibre deals with proposed complimentary benefits for higher Mbps lines. All deals are uncapped and range from R499 pm to 1199 pm.
  • Telkom: Telkom offers deals ranging from R699 pm to R1613 pm for mbps from 10 to 100. Their GB ranges from 100 to 400 with extra benefits included in each deal.
  • Vodacom: Vodacom provides different prices and packages based on how many months you purchase your packages for. The prices range from R599 pm at the lowest to R910 at the highest, with mbps between 10 to 20 and GB between100 to 400.
  • MTN: MTN offers all uncapped deals from R658 pm to R1308 pm from 4mbps to 100mbps.

Of course, choosing which fibre packages suit you depend on your lifestyle, your business and how many people you reside with. Take your time and choose wisely.


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