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How can risk behaviour be prevented?

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Parents can prevent high risk behaviour in their teens by forming a healthy relationship with their teenager and teaching them how to deal with high risk situations.

Risk behaviour is specifically prevalent amongst those in their teens, but there are many strategies parents can employ to reduce the possibility of teenagers engaging in these behaviours.

Form a healthy relationship with your teenager: The teenage years can be quite challenging towards parents since at this stage of their lives, their teenagers will attempt to assert more independence. This is not necessarily a bad thing and is quite normal but learning how to form a healthy relationship with your teen can mitigate the effects of this independence assertion turning into risky behaviour.

Some ways in which parents can do this include really listening to their teenagers, allowing them to experiment within the confines of safety such as a new style of clothing or hair, passing on and emphasising good values and keeping the doors of non-judgmental communication open.

Psyche central claims that a good relationship, especially with one’s mother, can prevent risky sexual behaviour.

Teach your teenager about how to deal with high risk situations: No matter how much one tries to protect their child, the likelihood of them finding themselves in a high-risk situation at some point is quite high. This is why parents should teach them strategies on how to deal with these situations.

For example, teaching teenagers how to say no in peer pressure situations is one way they can help their teens avoid high risk behaviour.


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