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Hodge explores questions on fairness in online economy space

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The Competition Commission has shared an article by chief economist, James Hodge on the questions pertaining to whether fairness and competition can thrive in the online commerce space.

On Sunday, 12 September 2021, the Competition Commission published an article by chief economist, James Hodge on whether competition and fairness can thrive as online shopping becomes a growing trend. The commission is reportedly exploring how the online economy can operate properly to serve consumers and businesses.

Hodge highlighted how in as much as online has offered convenience, many platforms are quickly dominating spaces and becoming gatekeepers for businesses attempting to reach consumers. This has prompted the commission to launch an inquiry into online platforms to ensure that the online economy is inclusive for all South African businesses.

Hodge also detailed some challenges faced by smaller businesses when determining whether the playing field of the online economy is level compared to larger businesses, finding that smaller businesses are compelled to pay higher fees to rank higher in search engines. This has raised many questions on the issues of fairness on businesses.

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