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Hill-Lewis commits to his fight to lessen housing shortage in CPT

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Cape Town mayoral candidate, Hill-Lewis, has assured that the dismissal and alleged insults from Minister de Lille would not deter his fight for affordable housing in Cape Town.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) City of Cape Town mayoral candidate, Geordin Hill-Lewis issued a statement on the Minister of Public Works, Patricia de Lille’s dismissal of the proposal to alleviate the housing shortage for residents of Cape Town. Hill-Lewis called de Lille out for what he has referred to as petty insults.

He further stated that these insults would not deter his commitment to fighting for more affordable housing for the people of Cape Town through the release of large tracts of land. He also noted that following the launch of his plan to address the housing shortage in the city, calling on the government to release massive tracts of land it owned and controlled as well as writing a letter to de Lille asking that she cancel the lease over Acacia Park, she dismissed his call.

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How did de Lille dismiss Hill-Lewis’s housing shortage plan?

According to Hill-Lewis, de Lille dismissed his plan, allegedly showing no sympathy and calling it “stupid and a joke.” de Lille reportedly further defended the continued use of Acacia Park land to house members of Parliament.

Why does the DA want the Acacia Park lease cancelled?

The DA noted that it called on the Minister of Public Works to cancel the lease over Acacia Park so that the City of Cape Town can buy the land and release it for development of affordable housing.

What did Hill-Lewis’ housing shortage plan entail?

Hill-Lewis had committed to speeding up the release of city-owned land for the purpose of ensuring more residents could live a life of dignity. The mayoral candidate also called on the government to release land he believes exceeded anything else available for housing.


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