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Herron says recent elections proved people have lost confidence in older parties

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SG of GOOD, Brett Herron has noted how the recent elections proved that people have lost hope in the older parties and are drifting towards smaller new parties.

The Secretary-General (SG) of the GOOD party, Brett Herron issued a statement on Thursday, 4 November 2021, following the recent local government elections.

He pointed out how the newer and/or smaller parties, which were arrogantly dismissed by some as non-entities, had combined to give the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) bloody noses in the elections.

Herron highlighted how some of the propaganda that people who were supporting these newer and smaller parties were somewhat wasting their votes is obviously and effectively buried.

He further stated that pre-election predictions that claimed that South Africans had lost hope in older parties and were searching for better alternatives were confirmed.

He also expressed his pride in the GOOD party, which contested in its first election, for now being the third-biggest party in the Western Cape province and the fourth-largest in Cape Town.

Moreover, for securing more votes than several other established parties.

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