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Herron defends religious sounds from being regarded as noise nuisances in CPT

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GOOD’s Brett Herron has defended religions and cultures following Cape Town’s amended by-law excluding religious sounds and bells, leaving them vulnerable to being declared as noise nuisances.

On Thursday, 30 September 2021, the GOOD mayoral candidate for the City of Cape Town, Brett Herron issued a statement noting that in the middle of the holy month of Ramadaan in 2019, someone lodged a noise nuisance complaint against the 100-year-old Zeenatul Mosque in District Six for the call to prayer. Herron stated that governments who received these types of complaints needed to consider the protection of religion and culture in the country’s Constitution, as well as the role of culture and religion in building a socially cohesive and integrated city or town based on respect for people’s diversity and tolerance of legitimate and deeply historic practices.

He also noted that the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led City Council had adopted the amended by-law which did not include a noise exemption as had been promised, leaving religious sounds and church bells vulnerable to being declared noise nuisances.

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