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Herron calls out DA to own up to failing to develop housing

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GOOD Cape Town mayoral candidate, Brett Herron has called out the DA to own up to its part in not contributing to building affordable housing before wanting land.

On Wednesday, 22 September 2021, the GOOD Cape Town mayoral candidate, Brett Herron issued a statement noting that the Democratic Alliance (DA) wanted military land in the City of Cape Town, to avoid having to develop affordable homes on city land in well-located suburbs.

Herron called the DA out, urging it to own up to the fact that in the 15 years it has led Cape Town, it has not built a single affordable home in a well-located part of the city, to begin a process of integrating the post-apartheid city – and that it has no intention to. He further stated that instead of decoy marches to national government in an effort to shift attention form its own track record, the party needs to explain why it cancelled the then mayor, Patricia de Lille and Herron’s initiative to develop affordable housing on five inner-city sites three years ago.

Why has the GOOD party agreed with the DA on the matter of housing in Cape Town?

Herron stated that GOOD agrees with the DA only on the basis that the old military bases in Cape Town, or parts thereof, would be helpful if they were turned over to housing.

How does Cape Town’s housing crisis stand?

According to Herron, Cape Town has a shortage of approximately 400 000 homes, noting that the city was the custodian of thousands of parcels of land and buildings suitable for affordable housing and the problem was not of land availability, but political will.

What more has Herron called the DA out on?

Herron pointed out that instead of theatre and false promises about how many RDP or BNG houses the DA will deliver, it needs to take citizens into its confidence on the reasons for the reduced numbers of fully-subsidised homes delivered.


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