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Herron believes state’s failures in poor communities is contributing to gangsterism

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GOOD’s Brett Herron has highlighted how there is not enough being done in poorer communities to combat issues such as gangsterism and crime in the City of CPT.

GOOD’s Cape Town mayoral candidate, Brett Herron issued a statement on Monday, 18 October 2021, drawing attention to the impact of gangsterism and crime in the City of Cape Town. He stressed that for as long as there is no investment in communities, children will continue to be drawn to these societal ills.

Herron touched on an incident that occurred in Mitchells Plain, where a young woman was shot dead and a five-year old girl shot in the eye, allegedly during a birthday party executed in a drive-by shooting style. He also pointed out that shootings are daily events at the Cape Flats, stating that the seeds of gangsterism are fertilised by apartheid social engineers. Herron believes the the state has abandoned poorer communities in Cape Town by not implementing enough initiatives facilitating social and economic development.

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