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Herron believes care will cut homelessness in CPT, not criminalisation

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GOOD’s Herron has addressed the issue of rising homelessness in the City of Cape Town, and the need to treat the symptoms and not causes.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, mayoral candidate for GOOD in Cape Town, Brett Herron issued a statement addressing the issue of homelessness in the city. Herron expressed that care, and not criminalisation, would cut homelessness in the city.

Herron stated that with the days and hours before the next rains arrive, the Democratic Alliance (DA)-run city’s enforcement unit is, once again, sweeping homeless people out of sight. He further noted that many residents of Cape Town, himself included, are growing concerned with the rise in homelessness.

Herron also highlighted that treating the symptoms, rather than the causes, is not going to help solve anything and that fining, warning and removing people’s possessions are acts of cruelty rather than acts of a compassionate solution. Herron stated that some of the causes of homelessness are the rising household costs and the rise in rents.

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Who has Herron noted as the homeless of Cape Town?

Herron acknowledged residents of Cape Town as the city’s homeless, who, for a number of reasons and challenges, could not access secure shelter. Herron also alleged that underlying racism and xenophobia contributed to the issue of the city’s homelessness.

What has Herron identified on the issue of homeless shelters in Cape Town?

Herron pointed out that there is a grave misconception that the city had enough shelters for all homeless people, alleging that this is a peddled lie that the Western Cape Social Development confirmed to be untrue.

What are some solutions proposed by Herron on Cape Town’s homelessness?

Herron believes that water and electricity costs need to be reduced for residents’ affordability and for the city to rapidly increase the delivery of affordable housing. Herron also highlighted a need for a shift from criminalisation to care as necessary.


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