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Happy Australia Day, but here is your new flag according to Ausflag

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Happy Australia Day, but here is your new flag according to Ausflag

On Friday, 26 January, the not-for-profit organisation, Ausflag, released what it calls the New Australian “Commonwealth” Flag.

According to the organisation’s Executive Director, Harold Scruby, the current Australian flag “symbolises Great Britain dominating Australia. Scruby believes that it depicts “Australia as a British colony: A veritable British branch office.”

Scruby argues that it is “vital we tell the world we [Australians] have grown up.”

The release of the new design by Ausflag coincides with country’s annual Australia Day.

The design is five white seven-point stars or heptagrams of three different sizes on a blue background.

Scruby claims his organisation’s “Commonwealth” flag “puts the Australian Commonwealth in the primary position. It celebrates “egalitarianism” over “aristocracy”. It celebrates “independence” over “dominance”. It celebrates Australians united by a common interest.”

He also pushed back against accusations that his organisation is against the British crown and anti-Australian, saying, “this campaign is not anti-British.”

“It’s passionately pro-Australian. It’s no more anti-British than when we changed our national anthem from God Save the Queen to Advance Australia Fair. “And as to branding; placing the symbol of a major sporting and commercial competitor in the dominant position on our flag is as ludicrous as Microsoft placing an Apple logo in a dominant position on their logo and promotional material.”