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Guinean opposition figures on hunger strike to force government to resolve education crisis

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Guinean opposition figures on hunger strike to force govt to resolve education crisis

Opposition figures in Guinea have announced going on a hunger strike aimed at shaming the government into resolving the crises rocking the country’s education system.

The head of the Liberal Bloc party, Dr Faya Millimouno, and other leaders of the movement on Wednesday. 5 December 2018, began their abstinence from food in their bid to prompt the government into finding a definitive solution for a protracted teachers’ strike, among other things unresolved issues in the education sector.

Dr Millimouno told the African Press Agency their strike should necessarily bring the government back to the negotiating table with teachers with a view to returning Guinean children back to school which has been interrupted by the crisis.

He added: “The other point is against the installation of checkpoints which is a violation of citizens’ rights. The authorities must therefore lift them from the Hamdallaye-Kagbelen axis”.

Questioned why those observing the hunger strike are not up to 50, he pointed out that it should not be seen as a march, where numbers matter to put pressure on the authorities.

“We have teams of doctors who are responsible for ensuring the health of the strikers, but also their safety and their needs” he pointed out.