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Guinea-Bissau appoints 31 cabinet members, 11 of which are women

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Guinea-Bissau’s President José Mario Vaz has issued a decree appointing a 31-member cabinet, including 16 ministers and 15 deputy ministers, among them an unprecedented number of women.

According to the decree issued on Thursday, 4 July 2019, eight women hold ministerial portfolios and three others are deputy ministers in this new government led by Prime Minister Aristides Gomes.

The Government records the arrival of seven new ministers, including Luís Melo, the new Ministry of Defence and Freedom Fighters; Juliano Augusto Fernandes, Interior Minister; and Suzi Barbosa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities.

The composition of the new Government of Guinea-Bissau, led by Prime Minister Aristides Gomes, is listed below.


Armando Mango: Minister at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Government Spokesman in charge of Parliamentary Affairs

Odete Costa Semedo: Minister of Territorial Administration and Electoral Management

Adiatu Djalo Nandinga: Minister of Fisheries

Suzi Barbosa: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities

Luis Melo: Minister of National Defense and Freedom Fighters

Juliano Augusto Fernandes: Minister of the Interior

Geraldo Joao Martins: Minister of Economy and Finance

Iaia Djalo: Minister of trade and Industry

Dautarin Monteiro Costa: Minister of National Education and Higher Education

Fatumata Djau Balde: Minister of Public Administration and State Modernization

Rute Monteiro: Minister of Justice and Human Rights

Magda Nely Robalo Silva: Minister of Public Health

Cadi Seidi: Minister of Women, Family and Social Protection

Nelvina Barreto: Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Issufo Balde: Minister of Natural Resources and Energy

Osvaldo Abreu: Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

Deputy Ministers:

Quite Djalo: Deputy Minister for the Environment and Biodiversity

Samuel Dinis Manuel: Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications

Malam Bacai Junior: Deputy Minister for Communities

Dionísio do Reino Pereira: Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports

Jose Djo: Deputy Minister for the Budget

Suleimane Seidi: Deputy Minister for the Treasury

Anaximandro Zylene Casimiro Menut: Deputy Minister for Hospital Management

Garcia Bifa Bideta: Deputy Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research

Catarina Taborda: Deputy Minister for Tourism and Crafts

Júlio Cesar Nosolini: Deputy Minister for Electoral Management

Mario Saiegh: Deputy Minister for Security and Public Order;

Tomásia Manjuba: Deputy Minister for Regional Integration and Planning

Antonio Quirino Bubacar Spencer Embalo: Deputy Minister for Culture

Jooo Mario Batica Ferreira: Deputy Minister for Social Communication

Armindo Joao Handem: Deputy Minister for Freedom Fighters.



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