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GOOD welcomes production of vaccines in South Africa

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The National Chairperson of GOOD has welcomed the announcement of the production of vaccines in SA, emphasising that it is a step towards vaccine equity and an important breakthrough.

The National Chairperson of GOOD, Sam Shabane, on Friday, 23 July 2021, issued a statement on vaccines to be manufactured in South Africa. Shabane stated that vaccines made in South Africa are a step towards vaccine equity. He highlighted that the announcement of the partnership between Pfizer and South Africa’s Biovac to produce COVID-19 vaccines in the country, for Africa, is an important breakthrough.

Shabane noted that although the active ingredient for the vaccines was not going to be produced in South Africa, GOOD would continue to push for a patent waiver. The chairperson also expressed that the idea that some nations felt entitled to buying more vaccines than they needed, because they can afford to, was a disgusting and immoral reflection of global inequality and injustice, as it left vulnerable and poorer nations to take their chances.

GOOD further stated that it has enthusiastically supported South Africa and India’s efforts to suspend usual patent laws and considerations of profit to share technologies to enable the world to produce vaccines sufficient for the entire global population. The party further called on the African Union (AU) and African Parliament to take advantage of this.

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