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GOOD SG exposes alleged instigative evidence from July unrest

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The GOOD SG has detailed alleged voice and video evidence pertaining to the violence, arson and murders that took place during the unrest in the country in July.

The Secretary-General (SG) of GOOD, Brett Herron submitted alleged voice and video evidence from three WhatsApp groups calling for violence, arson and murder during the July insurrection to the Crimes Against the State Unit. Herron released a statement on Wednesday, 4 August 2021, in which he detailed the evidence, calling for police to investigate members of the three WhatsApp groups who were allegedly involved in instigating the insurrection.

Herron stated that the information was leaked to the GOOD party by members of the African National Congress (ANC), noting that although GOOD was wary of becoming involved in ANC factionalism, the content on the groups was too explicit and damning to be ignored. According to Herron, the WhatsApp groups were formed immediately after former president, Jacob Zuma handed himself over to police for incarceration, in compliance with the Constitutional Court’s contempt of court order.

The GOOD SG also named the WhatApp groups as being “eThekwini Shutdown,” “Ink Shutdown,” and “Free Zuma Information”, which had initially been called “Free Zuma Coordinators.” GOOD further claimed that it has managed to identify 26 individuals who may have participated in violence and looting, and that the information has been handed to Crimes Against State.

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