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GOOD reveals more allegations on Gauteng insurrection

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GOOD’s Brett Herron has revealed that he has received more alleged WhatsApp evidence of instigators of the July insurrection, this time, relating to Gauteng.

GOOD Secretary-General (SG), Brett Herron issued a statement on Thursday, 26 August 2021, confirming that the party has submitted more evidence on the instigators of the July insurrection to the police. Herron initially handed over information to the police in August, allegedly detailing WhatsApp groups believed to have been formed to instigate anarchy in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

Herron noted how his initial tranche of information had been leaked to him by alleged whistleblowers in the African National Congress (ANC), related to three predominantly KZN-focused WhatsApp groups formed in response to the incarceration of former president, Jacob Zuma. Herron also claimed that he has received further information now, relating to the alleged Gauteng WhatspAp group named “Joburg Activists Home”, which seems to have been formed prior to the arrest of Zuma.

The WhatsApp group is said to contain messages and voicenotes calling for the commanders, comrades and citizens of the country to go out into the streets, make the country ungovernable, mobilise on the ground, attack as individuals, and report to anyone. Herron further confirmed that the authors of the different posts had been identified and that their names have already been handed over to the police.

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