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GOOD questions CPT millions planned to be spent on mayoral art instead of the needy

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The GOOD SG has questioned the Cape Town government for choosing to spend funds that should be meant for the homeless on the procurement of mayoral art.

The Secretary-General (SG) of the GOOD party, Brett Herron issued a statement on the Cape Town government’s plan to spend its Department of Social Development funds on the mayoral art collection. Herron noted that hidden in the fine print of the City of Cape Town’s Adjustment Budget was an alleged proposal to spend R7.57 million on mayoral art.

The SG confirmed that he had written to the city manager to ask for an explanation. Herron stated that the R7.57 million was made up of R7 million that was meant to be spent in the last financial year, topped by an extra R570 000 in new funds.

Herron further expressed that he believes that this type of budgeting exposes the lie that clean or unqualified audits equate to good governance. Moreover, that audit outcomes reveal whether or not governments had stuck to the rules but were silent on choices governments made and when they failed needy communities. The SG also noted that according to the budget, the R7 million was not spent in the last financial year due to “supply constraints,” and he questioned why there are plans to procure art instead of allocating funds to the needy.

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Mahlohonolo Lakaje
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