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GOOD launches local government elections manifesto

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GOOD has launched its local government elections manifesto, aimed at tackling issues such as delivering housing, fighting corruption, tackling crime and making services such as water and electricity affordable.

On Tuesday, 14 September 2021, the GOOD party launched its 2021 local government elections manifesto summary, assuring that its plan for justice is based on proven solutions. Of these solutions, GOOD plans to increase the delivery of affordable housing and ensure services are provided to informal settlements.

GOOD promises to fight corruption and stop waste, as well as invest in infrastructure by prioritising supporting small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and providing trading premises for micro businesses and informal traders. The party also intends to ensure neighbourhoods are safer and address crime in order to reduce it.

GOOD stated that it believes that every person’s journey to homelessness is unique, therefore, emphasising the need to address personal circumstances leading to people living on the streets. On that account, GOOD intends to reduce homelessness and expand social support and available shelter. The party has also set out to ensure affordable equal services through affordability of water and electricity.

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