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GOOD fights to end vaccine apartheid

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GOOD says that it has joined forces with WHO and others in the fight against vaccine apartheid, stressing that developing countries should not be left behind.

On Thursday, 1 July 2021, Brett Herron, the Secretary-General (SG) of GOOD, announced that GOOD has joined WHO and others in calling for an end to vaccine apartheid. GOOD has noted that Canada has 10 times more COVID-19 vaccines, while the United Kingdom (UK) has five times more. GOOD also pointed out that wealthy nations are stockpiling COVID vaccines, meaning that developing countries must wait in line to receive the remainder.

GOOD has, yet again, shared its statement on the matter of vaccines in South Africa, by attributing the slow procurement of vaccines to developing countries as the failure of global leadership. With countries such as Canada stockpiling vaccines for themselves, it leaves developing countries such as South Africa waiting, hence the notion of “vaccine apartheid.”

GOOD emphasised that, as much as South Africans are frustrated with the slow pace in providing vaccines, they are not directly to blame. Instead, the truth is that, there is a severe strain on supply of vaccines, as a result of world leaders’ wariness of the economic consequences of waiving patents governing the production of vaccines. GOOD has stressed that no country deserves to be left behind.

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