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GOOD calls out Mbandazayo for allowing DA to pay Grose’s legal fees

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The GOOD SG has called out the City of Cape Town manager for failing to stand up against the DA’s decision to pay Grose’s legal fees.

Brett Herron, Secretary-General (SG) of the GOOD party, issued a statement on Thursday, 12 August 2021, calling out the City of Cape Town manager, Lungelo Mbandazayo. Herron accused Mbandazayo of defending the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) decision to use ratepayers’ funds to pay for councillor, Nora Grose’s legal fees instead of protecting public funds from corruption.

Herron noted that Mbandazayo is not a politician, but the city’s Chief Accounting Officer, and that it is on him and not the politicians that ratepayers depend on to spend their money wisely. The GOOD SG stated that one would expect the city manager to be familiar with the Constitutional Court’s recent judgement, that the state should not pay the legal fees of a politician accused of acting unlawfully outside of his or her mandate.

Herron also stated that in response to his set of questions for the city manager, Mbandazayo denied that the city had issued any statements on the subject, despite it having published statements defending Grose on Twitter and Facebook. The SG further stated that Mbandazayo said the speaker is entitled to approve legal representation for councillors, despite the court judgement, and that it was not surprising that Mbandazayo defended this.

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