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GOOD alleges provincial government is blocking access to truth on COVID-19 tenders

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GOOD has released a statement alleging that the City of Cape Town and provincial government have stonewalled its efforts to gain access to the truth on COVID-19-related tenders.

Patricia De Lille’s political party, GOOD, took to Twitter on Friday, 22 January 2021, to circulate a statement alleging that the City of Cape Town and provincial government are preventing it from gaining access into reports on the COVID-19 tenders awarded by the city. The statement claimed that GOOD’s Brett Herron had requested access to the reports to verify the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) sentiments from last year, about supposedly having a clean audit on COVID-19 tenders issued.

The statement then focused on a specific tender, estimated at R1.23 million, which was allegedly awarded by the City’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department. According to the statement, “The spending apparently related to undisclosed additional expenses on the City’s bungled project to corral homeless people during the initial stages of the pandemic. Spending on this project included an obscene +R40 [million] for tent hire at the aborted Strandfontein internment camp. The R1.23 [million] was evidently spent on services of some kind at Culemborg, a second major cost centre.”

The only response that the party claimed to have received was a notice about the matter supposedly being escalated. GOOD further noted, “Herron said he would first write to Bredell to ask for an explanation. If no further information was forthcoming, he would approach the court.”

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Sabelo Makhubo


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