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Full list of products affected by listeriosis-related recall

Full list of products affected by listeriosis-related recall

On Sunday, 4 March the South African Department of Health confirmed that it tracked down the source of the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa.

Since then, the factory in Polokwane, owned by fast moving consumer good company, Tiger Brands, has been closed, and a product recall was issued for the contaminated products.

In a recent interview with Political Analysis South Africa, Tiger Brands, however, says it is going above and beyond the National Consumer Commission [NCC] mandated recall of three products, and is instead recalling some 240 items in their Enterprise ready-to-eat processed meat product range.

As such, below is the full list of products being recalled:

BrandProduct typeProduct
EnterprisePolonyFrench Short, French Junior, French Bokkie, French Mini, French Snack Pack, French No Pork, French Cheese, French No Pork, French, Garlic, Garlic Mini, Garlic Junior, Garlic Special, Chicken Mieliekip, Chicken, Chicken, Premium, Polony Spread, Cheese, Lunch Box, French Bokkie, No Pork Bokkie
ViennasSmoked, Cheese Cocktail, Smoked Cocktail, Long Red, Red Bokkie, Red, Smoked Bokkie, Smoked Onion & Chives, Smoked With Cheese, No Pork, No Pork Bokkie, Smoked Pepperdew, Chicken, Chicken Cheese & Jalapeno, Chicken Black Pepper, Chicken Cheese Cocktail, Chicken Cheese, Chicken Bokkie, Chicken Mielie Kip, Chicken Vacuum Pack, Bokkie, Mielie Kip
BaconStreaky Sliced, Back Rindless, Reduced Fat Back Vacumm Pack, Back Bacon Like It Lean Vacuum Pack, Shoulder Renown Vacuum Pack, Streaky Dry Cured, Back Reduced Fat, Back Streaky, Back, Shoulder, Bits O’ Bacon
SpreadsLiver Deluxe, Liver Renown, Liver Smoked Bacon Renown, Chicken & Ham Renown, Liver, Chicken, Liver Bacon, Roasted Onion & Chives, Value Pack Renown, Spread Liver Gold Renown
SausagesRussians Smoked, Russians, Russians Smoked Cheese, Russians Smoked, Russian Spicy Renown, Russians Cheese Smoked, Traditional Kasegrill, Traditional Country, Traditional German, Bacon Griller, Cheese Griller, Jalapeno & Cheese, Frankfurters Skinless, Frankfurters Jumbo, Kabanossi
HamPicnic, Smoked Sliced, Cooked Sliced, Smoked Shaved, Roll Chopped, Select Sliced, Counrty Sliced, Traditional Smoked Thick Slice, Country Smoked, Spiced Pepper, Traditional/Smoked, Hickory Smoked, Smoked Pizza, Shoulder, Cooked, Sandwich
SalamiSliced, Baby, Large, Cervelat, Pepper, Pepper Coated, Pimento Olive, Red Wine
Meat RollsHam & Tongue, Bacon & Egg, Ham & Cheese, Chopped Ham, Chicken & Cheese, Turkey Roll Breast, Chicken Roll
Sliced MeatsBeef Pepper Roast, Cold Meat Ham, Cold Meat Chicken, Cold Meat Speciality
Loaves per KgChilli, Lunch, Ham, Olive, Bacon & Egg, Ham & Tongue, Pfeffer, Ham & Pimento, Ham & Chicken, Bacon & Cheese, Curry Brawn, Brawn Plain, Bier, Special Garlic, Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken & Chilli, Turkey Duck Chicken, Chicken Premium
Deli Specialities per KgBeef Rare Roast, Beef Roast, Beef Pastrami, Pork Roast, Beef Silversde Cooked, Beef Tongue Pressed, Spare Rib Smoked, Pork Kassler Ribs, Pork Kassler De Lux, Kasseler Peppered, Smoked Chicken Breast, Tongue Pressed, Turkey Smoked Breast, Lunchbox Enterprise 1ea
RainbowPolonySimply Chicken Original, Simply Chicken Peri Peri, Simply Chicken Chakalaka, Simply Chicken Fresh Polony Original, Simply Chicken Cheese, Fresh Chicken Polony



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