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Forbes: Ethiopia to be a major tourism destination post-Covid

Published on listed Ethiopia as one of the seven major tourism destinations in the world during the post – Covid-19 period.

Forbes list stated that “out of the fifty-four nations that make up Africa, one could make the argument that Ethiopia has the most fascinating historic background.”

According to Forbes,  Ethiopia was the second civilization on earth to adopt Christianity, the only African nation to defeat a European power in battle and resisted colonialism during the scramble for Africa.

It is believed that the earliest human ancestors first came from the fertile land of Ethiopia.

Forbes suggested that visitors to Ethiopia will find a truly diverse scope of natural beauty adding that the western edges of the country are home to lush rain forest, which quickly gives way to the towering peaks of the Ethiopian Highlands as one ventures east.

The rich history and spectacular natural sites in Ethiopia like the national cuisine-eating Enjera by hand and other cultural experiences will attract more tourists to the country, making it a preferred site when the pandemic is over.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia recorded eighty-seven new cases of the coronavirus and two deaths on Tuesday.

Accordingly, the total number of confirmed cases in the horn African nation now stands at one-thousand three-hundred and fourty-four and the death toll at fourteen.

The new cases were identified out of the three-thousand nine-hundred and thirty-two laboratory tests conducted and of the total new confirmed cases, fifty-nine are males, and twenty-eight are female with the youngest being ten years old and the oldest seventy years of age.

All the confirmed cases are Ethiopian nationals and sixty-seven of them are from Addis Ababa, two from Tigray, six from Oromia, seven from Amhara, and one from Harari regional states.


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