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Floods in Ethiopia leave more than seventy-thousand displaced

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Heavy rains on Wednesday, 2 September 2020 caused flooding in Ethiopia’s Oromia and Afar regional states, displacing more than seventy-thousand people, an Ethiopian official said.

The head of the Afar Region Risk and Disaster Management Commission, Mahi Ali, told local press that fourteen districts in the region were affected by the flooding as the Awash River overflowed following torrential rains.

According to the Awash Basin Development Office, the flooding occurred in the southwest, west and east areas of Shoa as well as in Fentale District, Adama and Metehara town in Oromia Regional State, which are all located in the Awash Basin.

Likewise, Amibara, Aysaita, Defti, Gelealu, Gewane and Afambo were among the districts affected by the floods.

The cities of Metehara and Wonji in the eastern part of the Oromia region have been the hardest hit.

The head of the Awash Basin Development Office, Abeje Mengesha said on Wednesday that those affected by the floods are receiving the necessary assistance.

According to the head of the office, the floods affected at least one-hundred and twenty-thousand people and caused more than seventy-thousand individuals to be internally displaced.

However, the official said the ongoing flooding has not caused any loss of life.

The Awash River is one of the most important in Ethiopia and its course is entirely contained within the country’s boundaries.

The river is also heavily irrigated along all of its banks along the south-eastern part of Ethiopia.



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