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FF Plus’ Denner believes government has failed women of SA

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Denner has addressed how the ANC government has supposedly failed to deliver on its promises to promote and protect the rights of women in gender equality and economic inclusivity.

Heloise Denner of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) issued a statement on Tuesday, 31 August 2021. Denner expressed that the African National Congress (ANC) government has supposedly failed women now more than ever, following the parliamentary debate, “National Women’s Day and advancing gender equality.”

Denner conveyed that despite all the promises that the ruling party has made concerning gender equality and economic inclusivity in the country, the truth is that women are faced with the opposite. She further stated that the government referring to itself as a “capable developmental state” in the parliamentary debate on the matter, in her opinion, demonstrated that talk really is cheap. Moreover, that the government is completely out of touch with reality. Denner also expressed that although many promises have been made, nothing has changed and women are still being let down due by the government failing to protect them.

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