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FF Plus believes ANC fuelled the fires of July unrest

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The FF Plus has called out the ANC government for supposedly fuelling the fire that consumed the country during the widespread unrest, costing the country billions in GDP.

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) issued a statement on Wednesday, 25 August 2021, claiming that the July unrest was just a part of the African National Congress (ANC) government’s self-consuming fire. The party expressed that the images of explosions, billowing smoke, chaos and anarchy that were witnessed in July had raised the question as to whether this is the new face of South Africa.

The FF Plus expressed that the ANC has held up poverty, inequality and racial tension as an excuse for the looting and violence that transpired, but made no mention of its own incompetence, which it believes had a direct impact on everyone in the country. The FF Plus also noted that according to estimations, the damage from July amounted to R50 billion in gross domestic product (GDP), which the country cannot afford.

The party further called out the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele for only deciding to visit the various looted areas, surrounded by bodyguards, once the ashes had completely cooled down. It also claimed that the future will forever recall the current Police Minister and the ANC’s blemished rule.

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