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Ethiopia will retaliate to any attacks on Nile dam

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Ethiopia’s Chief of the National Defence Forces has warned that his army will defend and retaliate to any possible attack targeting a mega-dam being built on the Blue Nile.

General Adem Mohammed made the remarks on Thursday, 12 March 2020 as he led the country’s top military officers on a conducted tour of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The dam is located twenty kilometres east of the Sudanese border.

Among the officers were, Major General Yilma Merdassa, Chief Commander of the Ethiopian Air Force and other military leaders.

After assessing the progress of the GERD project, General Adem said the defence forces are ready to fulfill their responsibility of maintaining peace and defending the territorial sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Members of the army have been sending contributions from their monthly salaries toward the dam project after its launch seven years ago, General Adem stated.

The Chief Commander of the Ethiopian Air Force, Brigade General Yilma claimed the air force is also ready to thwart any air raids from belligerent nations who may want to destroy the dam.

Meanwhile, an Ethiopian delegation led by General Berhanu Jula, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Force, paid an official working visit to Sudan. The delegation held talks with Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdook and other top military officers, according to the Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum.

General Berhanu has also delivered a letter from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Hamdook, denouncing the recent assassination attempt on him. After condemning the incident, General Berhanu added that Ethiopia stands in solidarity with Sudan in this difficult time.

The Sudanese officials, for their part, recalled the role played by Prime Minister Abiy in the negotiations over the formation of a transitional government in their country. They also reiterated their support for GERD, stating that the dam will strengthen Sudan’s national interest.


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