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Eskom warns of cold front, urging public to reduce electricity usage

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Eskom has issued a Power Alert 1, notifying the public of the expected cold front in the country and pleading for a reduction in electricity usage.

South African power utility, Eskom has issued a Power Alert 1, urging the public to reduce their usage of electricity as the South African Weather Service has warned of adverse weather conditions in the country. On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, Eskom warned and requested that the public reduce electricity usage.

The warning follows the South African Weather Service announcing that there is a succession of cold fronts expected to sweep across the country this week and going into the weekend. Eskom stated that following this warning, it would like to appeal to members of the public across South Africa to reduce their usage of electricity, as the expected cold weather conditions will be putting severe strain on the power system.

Eskom notified that the power system is currently performing relatively well, and that it is not expecting to implement load-shedding at this point. Eskom further stated that it has not implemented load-shedding since Sunday, 13 June 2021, due to some improvements in the performance of the Generation Fleet, however, it stated that the cold front will increase the demand for electricity.

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