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Eskom pledges continued maintenance programme to reduce load-shedding

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Eskom has pledged to continue its maintenance programme to improve power system reliability, noting the damaging impact of load-shedding on the state of the economy.

Eskom issued a statement on Monday, 25 October 2021, in which it shared its plan to continue with its accelerated maintenance programme during the summer period. This is in an effort to improve the power system’s reliability and to reduce the risk and frequency of load-shedding.

Eskom stated that through the accelerated maintenance programme, it hopes to continue reducing the occurrence of load-shedding, noting and concluding that the disruptions carry a significant damaging effect to the economy. It also informed that a year to date, the energy availability factor (EAF) has declined to 65 percent against a target of 70 percent.

In response, it has committed to continue communicating frankly and promptly should the need arise to implement load-shedding. However, it also warned that the capacity outlook for the period ending August 2021 revealed that the power system remained constrained, with Eskom using OCGT’s to reduce load-shedding.

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