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EFF welcomes suspension of Mali from the AU

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The EFF has confirmed welcoming the suspension of Mali from the AU, in light of reports that the military force of the country was infringing on the democratic rights of its citizens.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) took to Twitter on Wednesday, 2 June 2021, to circulate a statement welcoming the suspension of the Republic of Mali from the African Union (AU). The decision to do so followed reports suggesting that the citizens of the country were being usurped by the military force.

Affirming the stance taken by the AU, the statement read, “The decision by the AU is encouraging, and shows that the institution is finally developing a backbone to intervene decisively in the perennial crisis that defines African states.” Adding, “It is a loud message to all would be secessionists, terrorists and enemies of the states, that political power obtained outside of the mandate of the people will not be legitimized.”

In light of the sentiments stated above, the party posed questions as to why the AU has yet to take such decisive action regarding countries like Zimbabwe and Uganda. Currently, Bobi Wine is still under house arrest, with no word from the AU condemning the actions of the political power in the country.

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Sabelo Makhubo
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