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EFF says Moyane’s dismissal is part of Ramaphosa’s “war against black professionals”

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The EFF do not find Tom Moyane innocent but have criticised President Cyril Ramaphosa for allegedly firing the ex-Commissioner without due process.

“The rule of law must be respected at all times, regardless of who is suspected of wrong-doing,” said a statement issued by the EFF dated Friday, 2 November 2018, which the party published on their Twitter account, alleging a “war against black professionals.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters have criticised Ramaphosa for what they said was purportedly not following “due and fair processes” when firing Moyane from his previous and already-suspended position held as the South African Revenue Services Commissioner.

The far-left political party stated that the president’s decision to base the dismissal on the advice of the Nugent Commission’s interim report does not fall in line with the Constitution or the law for “many reasons” including “that the Nugent Commission itself may soon be declared unlawful by the Constitutional Court as it has been taken under review. Thus, Ramaphosa has no business pre-empting that court decision.”

The EFF also argued that using the Nugent Commission for the dismissal puts an end to Ramaphosa’s Disciplinary Inquiry into Moyane and that “agents of the White Monopoly capital” have effectively used the State Capture rhetoric to move against the law.

However, the party wanted to make it clear that it does not view Moyane as guilt-free: “For the record, we repeat that the EFF does not hold the view that Moyane is innocent. We actually believe that Moyane is part of the problems that characterised the Zuma era of Kleptocracy.”

Moyane was officially dismissed by Ramaphosa on Thursday, 1 November 2018 after having been suspended as SARS Commissioner earlier this year.

Dayna Remus
[email protected]

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