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EFF believes SA unemployment crisis is manufactured

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The EFF has addressed the StatsSA figures on unemployment in SA, attributing it to the government’s supposed continued perpetuation of colonial and apartheid regimes in post-apartheid South Africa.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) issued a statement on Tuesday, 24 August 2021, on the unemployment figures published by StatsSA. The party claimed that the quarterly labour force survey provided by StatsSA was a mere illustration of the structural crisis which it believes was created by colonial and apartheid regimes the African National Congress (ANC) continue to perpetuate in post-apartheid South Africa.

The EFF emphasised that South Africa’s unemployment rate had long reached a point of crisis, continuing to be a threat to a country on the brink of collapse. The party attributed this to ownership and control of the country’s resources being placed in the hands of “a few white men only interested in greed, exploitation and racism.”

The EFF further pointed out that unless the country dismantles colonial and apartheid regime patterns of ownership and control of the economy, South Africa would soon have more unemployed people. It also noted how all of its proposals to the government to address certain economic challenges, such as the redistribution of land, have been rejected. The EFF believes that the unemployment crisis is manufactured and is not an innate feature of society, as people have been made to believe.

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