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Easy Equities experiences latency issues as traffic surges because of lockdown

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Online investment platform, Easy Equities, has addressed latency issues and the increased traffic on its website, due to the lockdown, advising traders that they have implemented numerous strategies to better accommodate the surge.

With the 21-day national lockdown in full affect, South African online investment platform, Easy Equities, has acknowledged the increase in traffic, which has caused its system to be increasingly slow or inactive. In a tweet on Tuesday, 7 April 2020, Easy Equity CEO, Charles H Savage, transparently stated that due to the unprecedented timing of the coronavirus, he and the 80 Easy Equity team members are unable to manage the increase in traffic whilst adhering to the lockdown regulations. He, thereafter, claimed that they have put in place numerous other strategies which will increase productivity of the website, whilst they continue to do everything in their power to provide traders with a platform working at its optimum.

Progress already made by the Easy Equities team include; scaling up web infrastructure, implementing Retrace – which helps identify any negative activity on the website, splitting of web and app traffic across two servers, and reducing page load and pausing of all DEMO accounts. The CEO also plans on adding more secure infrastructure to the website, to ensure that customers are able to trade without any hassle.

See the full statements below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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