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Durban Weather: High Humidity for the Durban area

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The air will be especially humid in Durban on Wednesday, 5 December 2018, resulting in a 30 per cent chance of rainfall for the city.

Humidity levels are expected to range between a minimum of 85 per cent and a maximum of 95 per cent in Durban on Wednesday, 5 December 2018.

In the morning, humidity is expected to be at 90 per cent and will drop to 85 per cent in the afternoon before rising again to 90 per cent in the evening. There is also a 30 per cent chance of rain with 3mm expected to fall in the city.

The possibility of rain is linked to the near complete cloud cover that the city will experience. Durbanites can expect 97 per cent cloud cover in the morning, 80 per cent in the afternoon and 67 per cent cloud cover in the evening when the rain is expected to fall.

Residents will experience an apparent temperature of 21 degrees Celsius where a minimum of 19 degrees and a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius is expected for the day.

The temperature will be at 23 degrees Celsius in the morning and will drop slightly to 22 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, before dropping once more to 21 degrees in the evening.

This morning at 8:24am the tide was low measuring at 40cm. The tide will rise again at about 2:37pm to measure 192cm. In the evening, the tide will be low again and measure at 32cm.

Xiletelo Mabasa
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