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Some Truworths stores now sell phones

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A few Truworths stores around the country have expanded their in-store offerings to include phones.

Truworths is one of the most popular fashion retailers in South Africa, and the brand is now slowly expanding into other markets. There are a few Truworths stores across the country that actually sell phones, as well.

Some Truworths stores now sell phones

Truworths has always been a fan-favourite brand among South Africans who are interested in staying ahead of all the new fashion trends. But few people know that Truworths can actually help you stay on top of the newest phone technologies, too.

A select few Truworths stores in different parts of the country sell a variety of cell phones. This includes models from brands like Nokia, Xiaomi, realme, OPPO, HONOR, Huawei, and more.

As convenient as it is to be able to buy your clothing, shoes, accessories and phone all in one place, this process is not always as straightforward as it seems.

There are a few key details that you should take note of before setting off to buy a phone at your nearest Truworths.

Since the scope of the stores that offer this service is so limited, the purchase methods, stock, and catalogue are not quite as expansive as they would be at a specialized phone retailer.

Does Truworths offer phone contracts?

Truworths will only allow you to purchase a phone in store if you pay cash, or if you have a Truworths account which has been actively used for more than 6 months.

Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to purchase your phone through a monthly contract agreement like you would with a traditional phone retailer or through a lay-by.

The stock is not always consistent

Although some Truworths stores offer a wide variety of phone brands and models in-store, there is no way to know way which models a particular store will have (if any, for that matter) unless you visit the store and enquire directly.

One thing that is certain though, is that none of the Truworths stores stock Apple products.

There is no catalogue or online store to browse through

If you are lucky, you may spot a few phones is the Truworths special discount offers monthly, through the Truworths mailing list or on social media pages.

However, you will need to visit your nearest Truworths store (that sells phones) in person to view the models that they have available.

Customers will not be able to shop for these phones through the Truworths online store, as you can with the rest of their stock. This can make it difficult to compare prices and features before you visit the store.