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David Makhura: We need to agree on setting up a water war room

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Premier of Gauteng David Makhura said that all municipalities in Gauteng “need to agree on setting up a water war room” to avoid water crisis.

On Friday, 23 March, Premier of Gauteng David Makhura, convened a Premier’s Coordinating Forum, to discuss, among other issues, water security in the province.

Present at the forum were several water experts from different institutions, who pointed out that that Gauteng uses 11% of the country’s water, whilst contributing 38% to the national economy.

According to the experts at the forum, “the volume of water required by 2025 would not be met, if additional storage infrastructure was not built and investment into the additional dams was not given the priority it deserved.”

Water experts agreed that water security could be achieved “only if there is an adequate, safe, reliable and affordable supply to all consumers,” concluding that Gauteng had to invest in adequate water infrastructure, since “infrastructure is insurance against uncertainty.”

Premier Makhura said that “The Gauteng City Region (GCR) is very vulnerable with regards to facing a water crisis and this is due to our location, the type of economy we run, and the number of people we attract.”

“We need to agree on setting up a water war room that will be made up of representatives from the provincial government and local government. This war room will have both a political and technical component which will be used to identify trends and respond to those,” he concluded.

A plan to deal with water security and sustainability will be adopted in June, at a war summit.

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