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Date My Family sets Twitter alight yet again

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Twitter users unimpressed by latest Date My Family episode

English data bundles, size 12 shoes and South African men – Twitter responds to Date My Family antics.

Date My Family 15 April 2018

Mzansi Magic’s reality dating show, Date My Family has had Twitter ablaze with social commentary since it aired last night, 15 April.

This week’s episode took place in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria.

Viewers of the show have come to expect a few moments of utter hilarity with each episode.

The previous week’s airing had viewers both confused and amused by the chosen bachelor, Moremogolo.

Last night social media users were at the ready to respond to any character antics the show had to offer.

The episode did not disappoint.

Here is a brief rundown of what happened and how fans of the show responded:

The bachelor for this week’s episode was Lukas. Lukas was born in the DRC, but he was raised in Pretoria. Lukas surprised both the selected families and viewers of the episode when he admitted that he can only speak English.

The topic of the English language then became a major theme of the episode. Various characters for the episode struggled to articulate themselves when speaking English.

A friend of one of the bachelorette’s, had viewers in hysterics when she battled to explain what a sangoma is in English.

Twitter users responded with memes captioned,

“English never loved us”.

“English data bundles depleted”.

“English runs away when you need it most”.

The situation was made all the worse when another bachelorette, Naledi described her feelings after being granted a date. When Lucas showed up to take her out she said:

“So, he came back. I honestly never expeeded it”.

Subsequently, viewers had a field day with her mispronunciation of the word ‘expected’.

Following from this, male viewers of the show were taken aback when one of the bachelorette’s explained that she was more interested in African men than South African men.

This was the overwhelming response received for this comment:

“#DateMyFamily so south African guys are not African.  Are we Americans, Europeans perhaps”.

The crux of the episode came when Naledi’s friends asked Lucas what shoe size he is. His answer drew cheers from the group of young ladies as he is a size 12.

The innuendo got viewers into a debate about how much size really matters.

Naledi and Lukas’ date

Fans were pleased to see how well the date between Naledi and Lukas went. Many hoped that the two would still be dating after the show. Unfortunately, Naledi has confirmed that she is fact not dating Lukas.

Catch Date My Family on Sundays at 18:00 on Mzansi Magic.


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