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DA’s Choonara to encourage despondent voters to vote

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One of the DA’s councillor candidates has told the People’s Assembly that she will encourage despondent voters to go exercise their right to vote, as there is power in effecting change.

The People’s Assembly shared the views of Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor candidate, Shakira Choonara, on why she thinks it is important to go vote in the upcoming local government elections, in a post issued on Wednesday, 13 October 2021. Asked on how Choonara would encourage despondent voters to go vote, she stated that she would be honest and truthful about the importance of their vote in the quality of life they will experience when electing a leader.

She further stated that she would tell them that choosing not to exercise their right is indirectly accepting the current situation, and that the power lies in effecting positive change. She went on to say that she would set out to make people understand that general electoral involvement is a foundational component of a healthy democracy, and a significant mechanism for voters to exercise policy making and the oversight of public spending.

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