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DA welcomes GOOD’s support on Acacia Park proposal

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The DA has welcomed GOOD’s support of its proposal on the release of land, including that of Acacia Park, to be allocated to developing housing.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Cape Town mayoral candidate, Geordin Hill-Lewis issued a statement on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, welcoming the GOOD party’s support of the DA’s proposal on the call for the release of land owned or leased by the military – including Acacia Park – for housing. According to Hill-Lewis, the Cape Town mayoral candidate for GOOD, Brett Herron stated, “The GOOD Party agrees with the DA that the old military bases in Cape Town, or parts thereof, would be helpful if they were turned over to housing.”

He further stated that the DA has specifically called for the process to start with the release of Acacia Park, which is an already move in-ready social housing project currently occupied by only a handful of members of Parliament. In this regard, Herron also noted that the DA’s call had callously been rejected.

What has the DA urged GOOD to do on the decision to support it?

The DA urged the GOOD party leadership to urgently intervene in Minister Patricia de Lille’s apparent refusal to help the people of Cape Town, as it seems she is the only one preventing the release of Acacia Park.

What has the DA had to say on Minister de Lille’s rejection of the proposal?

The DA conveyed that since de Lille is the leader of the GOOD party, this rejection begged the serious question of whether she is now openly defying her party by refusing the DA’s call.

What has the DA had to say on de Lille’s capacity as Minister of Public Works and her rejection of the proposal?

The DA stated that given that de Lille also serves as Public Works Minister in the African National Congress (ANC), does this mean she would rather defy her own party?


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