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DA shares coalition agreement with non-negotiable principles

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The DA has shared its coalition agreement with non-negotiable principles to be adhered to by all members of the coalition, which all coalition partners are expected to sign.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) issued its coalition agreement on Friday, 5 November 2021, clearly setting out some non-negotiable principles for the party. It stated how desperation to get into the government and stay there can lead to bad coalitions, further stating that it is prepared to speak to everybody, but not act out of desperation.

In its coalition agreement, the DA made it clear that all coalition partners will have to first sign the agreement. Amongst the non-negotiables set out by the party is that partners will cultivate a culture of accountability, transparency and good governance.

All coalition members will also be expected to acknowledge the value of openness and ensure accessibility of information to residents of the municipality, with all members expected to be accessible and responsive to all residents of the municipality. All coalition parties are expected to uphold non-racialism.

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