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DA rejects Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Act

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The DA has assured of its commitment to reject the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Act signed by President Ramaphosa, giving government power over registration of security businesses.

The City of Cape Town Mayoral Candidate, Geordin Hill-Lewis issued a statement on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, stating that the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led city will be opposing the African National Congress’ (ANC) forced sale of private security companies. This follows President Cyril Ramaphosa’s signing of the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Act.

Hill-Lewis affirmed that the DA rejected this, calling it a draconian piece of legislation. He further stated that should the people of Cape Town vote the DA into power again, it will commit to protecting private security services, neighbourhood watches, and all other organisations that help make the city safer by working with stakeholders to challenge this law.

He also noted how under section 26 of the act, the government would now have power to “suspend the registration of a security business”, if it is not at least 51 percent South African-owned. In addition, article 20(2)(e) would give Cele power to prescribe percentage ownership and control.


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