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Corruption Watch “disgusted” by Bain revelations

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Corruption Watch is calling for heads to roll in the latest scandal involving consultancy firm Bain & Company.

Corruption Watch has said it’s appalled by the latest developments at Bain & Company.

The company agreed to set aside the R164 million in fees generated in work done for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for the benefit of the country.

Former SARS commissioner, Tom Moyane hired the firm to implement a new operating model. However, it’s said that the model has introduced inefficiencies and dismantled key units.

The anti-graft organisation has likened the recent development to the KPMG scandal, and further called on government to be more thorough in appointing firms to do work with the state.

“The organisation calls upon the South African government to exercise greater discernment in the sort of firms with which it contracts. It also calls for a review of the excessive use of management consultants, as – judging by the conduct of KPMG, McKinsey and Bain – they may turn out to be little more than corrupters of our public procurement system and purveyors of extremely high-priced snake oil”, said executive director David Lewis.

Corruption Watch further called for a criminal investigation to be launched into Bain & Company CEO Vittorio Massone, over an alleged bribe he gave to former President Jacob Zuma, in the form of cattle. The organisation said it “may well constitute a bribe and, as such, a contravention of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act”

Thabo Baloyi
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