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Competition Commission Essential Food Report reveals food market challenges

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The Competition Commission shared that its Essential Food Pricing Monitoring Report has revealed some challenges currently facing the South African food market and small and emerging farmers.

The Competition Commission revealed that its Essential Food Pricing Monitoring Report has shown an increase in concentration across the value chain and challenges for small-scale farmers, in a statement issued on Tuesday, 7 September 2021. The commission noted that the report revealed that a number of concerns remain around the functioning of South Africa’s food market and commercial value chains within the industry. This is including wide farm-to-retail price spreading, large price differences between regions for basic fresh produce, growing price margins at processor and retailer level, as well as general price inflation.

Small and emerging farmers are also said to be facing several challenges, including poor yields and low productivity, barriers to scaling from smaller to larger growers, such as access to finance, infrastructure and routes to market. The commission assured that it will continue monitoring and tracking the prices of essential food products.

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