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Closure of soup kitchens has led to thousands of starving children – eSwatini

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Over eleven-thousand vulnerable children are starving because of the shutdown of six-hundred and fifty soup kitchens in eSwatini due to the coronavirus, an anonymous official from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office has alleged.

The children who benefitted from soup kitchens located in six-hundred and fifty neighbourhood care points countrywide used to enjoy two meals per day which were provided by the government through the assistance of international donors.

According to statistics from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, the twenty-day lockdown which ends on Thursday has left these children, most of whom are orphans, with nowhere to eat breakfast and dinner.

“The situation has been worsened by the fact that schools are also closed yet most of the children would not receive free lunch from schools under the schools feeding scheme,” the official from the DPM’s office said.

When the country went on lockdown there were only eight cases of COVID-19,  but now they have risen to fifteen, with the youngest patient being a fourteen-year-old boy who got it through local transmission.